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  • Incorrect Measurements • Please verify that your unit is set to the correct unit of measurement (Y for yards, M for meters).

    • If incorrect, here is how to update the unit of measurement: in the play screen, push down on your toggle button for a few seconds and your screen will display [Changing Unit: Yard/ Meter]. The unit of measurement is now updated.

    • Please make sure you have an unobstructed view of the sky.

    • If you are still experiencing issues, please reset the GPS. In the Advanced Menu, there is a Reset GPS function. It will display "GPS Initialize - Are you sure?" Confirm YES to reset. After resetting your GPS, please allow 3-5 minutes for your GolfBuddy to establish a satellite signal.

    • If you are still experiencing issues, please sync your unit with the GB Manager program and update the firmware and course database. For instructions on syncing with GB Manager, click link below: You can also verify when the course was last updated by searching for the course on our website:

    • If you are still experiencing issues : Service Request Registration
    URL :