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  • How to Update Unit

    • Connect unit to computer using the USB data cable.

    • Open G3 Mac Program and Login.

    • Step 1: Wait until the G3 Mac displays that the device is connected. Proceed by pressing the blue button "Next" at bottom of page.

    • Step 2: Firmware Info: Select "Manually update firmware" and press "Next"

    • Step 3: Select countries to update: Please select country (or countries) you want updated. You can update entire country or a specific state, province, town, etc.

    • After making your selection, proceed by pressing blue "Next" button.

    • If a small gray box appears, make sure "Newly Updated Only" is checked.

    • When finished, you will see "Update Complete" and on the top right, you will be on the "Finish" tab and with blue check mark.

    • Once you are finished updating your unit and courses, close the program.

    • Please disconnect from the USB cable. Your unit will automatically restart and the update is complete. 

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  • GB Course Manager for Mac .
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  • How to Download

    • Download the GolfBuddy Manager program here:

    • After selecting and downloading the correct manager for the Mac, a small gray window should appear with the option to "Run" the program. "Run" it.

    • Proceed by selecting either "Run", "Next", "Allow", "Yes", or "Install" depending on the option that appears.

    • When the program is done installing, you should see a blue icon on your desktop titled "GolfBuddy World Course Manager."

    • Open the Program and enter your user ID and password. Login if you already have your unit registered or press the bottom left button to "Sign Up" to open a registration form. 

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  • The WTX would not be detected in G3Mac

    As soon as the update will be complete, WTX will be “ejected” automatically from the computer.
    When GB Manager or G3Mac will be exited before finishing the updates, WTX also will be “ejected” automatically. 

    WTX must not be disconnected from the computer until the update will be complete or G3Mac will be exited.


    When WTX will be disconnected from the computer without ejecting(1) USB Flash drive normally,the problems encountered are 

    1) Data may be crashed, and WTX won’t work normally. ex) disappearance of GolfBuddy icon

    2) ​When WTX will be connected with the computer next time, it will take about 20 mins to be recognized as USB flash drive again by recovery of abnormal termination before.


    After 20mins,, the WTX will be detected normally.


    1) Exit G3Mac, and connect WTX with Mac
    2) Press “Data Sync” button in the screen of WTX
    3) Wait for about 20 mins so as to detect WTX


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