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  • Blutooth Troubleshooting

    [Summary of issue faced]

    • After successful connecting the WTX to your Android smartphone, the following issues happen
    1. “Find Me” from your smartphone works fine
    2. “Fine Phone” from your WTX doesn’t work normally

    3. Your WTX doesn’t receive any notifications from your smartphone.
    4. Notification received on WTX doesn’t vibrate.
    5. Notifications were not saved on WTX


    ​[Root Cause]

    • Android bluetooth stack will enter the abnormal state when the disconnection from WTX will not be done normally.
    • Afterwards, there might be abnormal behavior during bluetooth communication.



    ​• Make both of your smartphone and WTX reset to fix this issue.
     1. How to reset your WTX



    2. How to reset your smartphone.

    [Samsung smartphone]
    ​ ​1) Go to the “Settings’ and select the “General management”. 


     2) Select “Reset” → “Reset network settings”


     3) Tap the button “RESET SETTING” →”RESET SETTINGS”

    [LG smartphone​]

     1) Got to “Settings” → “General” → “Backup & reset” → “Network settings reset”


    ​ 2) Tap the button “RESET SETTINGS”.


    [Sony smartphone]

    [Others’ smartphone]
    Refer to the manual for “reset network settings”.

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