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  • How to Set Time
    • The time will set automatically once the unit successfully connects to satellites (you must be outdoors on the golf course to connect to satellites).

    • To set the clock manually, press the center button, press the bottom button 3 times until you see the Clock Icon. Press the center button to select.

    • The top button will Adjust Daylight Savings Time (DST) - the default setting is ON +1. In areas that observe DST, this is the setting used from Spring - Autumn; OFF -1 is used from Autumn - Spring. (Note: after a 4-second delay, the LD2 will return to the home (time) screen, and the time will be updated accordingly).

    • The center button will set the time. Once you press it, it will search for satellites; please step outdoors to connect to GPS satellites. Once the GPS signal is established, LD2 will alert you with a series of beeps, and the time adjustment screen will appear. You can adjust the hours using the top button (minutes are set by GPS only) and confirm the time shown by pressing the bottom button - this will bring you back to the home (time) screen and your time setting is complete.

    • The bottom button will change the 12/24 hour clock format - the default setting is 12 hour clock.

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  • How to Perform an Emergency Reboot
    • To perform an emergency reboot, please press all 3 buttons simultaneously.
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  • How to Locate Serial Number • On Unit
    - Flip the unit over.
    - Serial number is located on the back of unit.

    • Settings
    - Turn on the unit.
    - Press middle silver button.
    - Press bottom button to navigate to Settings icon and select with middle silver button.
    - S/N will display at bottom of screen.

    • Outside of box
    - Turn box around and serial number will be on back of box.

    • Through GolfBuddy Manager
    - Connect unit with USB cable to computer
    - From left side tabs, select "Profile"
    - S/N will be displayed on bottom of screen
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  • How to Access Hazards • To view the available hazards for your current hole, press the center button from the main golf screen. The LD2 watch displays up to 11 hazards per hole.
    Please cycle through hazards using lower button for next hazard and upper button for previous hazard. Distance to the start point of hazards display at the bottom of the screen, while distance to the end point of hazards (if available) display at the top of the screen. Only 1 distance to hazard provided per page. Pressing the center button from the Hazards screen will pull up the next Golf feature (Information screen).

    • Note: LD2 displays Hazards in order closest from you location.
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  • How to Measure Shot
    • You can track 2 shots separately (i.e. drive, approach) or 2 shots simultaneously (i.e. your drive and your partner's drive). To track the distance of any shot, cycle to the Shot Distance screen with the center button. When standing at the location where the shot is taken, activate one or both of the Shot Distance fields by pressing the corresponding upper or lower button. Doing so will set the shot location to zero, and the device will begin measuring distance as you move toward your ball. Once you have made it to your ball, the number displayed is the distance between point A and point B in a straight line. You may pause an active shot distance field by pressing the corresponding button while measuring. To return the main golf screen, press and hold the center button when on the Shot Distance screen. Active shot measurements will continue in the background (unless paused), and can be viewed by cycling back to the Shot Distance screen.

    • Note: Shot data will reset when a hole advancement occurs (automatic hole advance or manual hole advance).
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  • Broken Wristband • If you are still experiencing issues : Service Request Registration
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  • How to Change Holes
    • From play mode, please press the top button to advance to the next hole. You can also return to the previous hole by pressing the bottom button.
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  • How to Change Unit of Measurement
    • To check the units of measurement, press the middle button once to access the Main Menu. Press the bottom button 4 times until you see the Tool Icon. Press the center button to enter the Units of Measurement Settings. Use the bottom button to scroll through the measurement options (YD/MI, YD/KM, M/KM, M/MI) and confirm the setting by pressing the center button. This will bring you back to the Tool icon. Press the top button to return to the home (time) screen.
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