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  • Incorrect Measurements • The Units of Measurement affect Golf Mode and Odometer. Please verify that the unit is in the correct form of measurements (device is defaulted to yards/miles from packaging). To check the units of measurement, press the middle button once to access the Main Menu. Press the bottom button 4 times until you see the Tool Icon. Press the center button to enter the Units of Measurement Settings. Use the bottom button to scroll through the measurement options (YD/MI, YD/KM, M/KM, M/MI) and confirm the setting by pressing the center button. This will bring you back to the Tool icon. Press the top button to return to the home (time) screen.

    • If yardages are still incorrect, please update the firmware and the courses through the free GolfBuddy Manager program found here:

    • If yardages are still incorrect, please perform an emergency reboot. To perform an emergency reboot , please press all 3 buttons simultaneously.

    • If you are still experiencing issues : Service Request Registration
    URL :