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  • Cannot Sync

    • If the unit isn't syncing to your computer, please make sure the charging cradle is aligned with the charging terminals on the back of the unit.

    • Please make sure the data cable and charger are inserted all the way in the wall charger or in the computer USB port.

    • Please verify that you have the correct version of the manager program installed. There are 2 types of manager programs - 1 is G3 Manager (shows as GolfBuddy World Course Manager on your desktop or G3Mac on a MAC), the other is GB Manager (shows as GB Manager on your desktop or GBMac on a MAC). The GB Manager pertains to the older models including the Tour, Pro and Plus. All other models are supported by the G3 Manager.

    • Please try a different USB port on the computer. Try plugging it into a USB 2.0 port rather than a 3.0 port (labeled SS port).

    • Disable your security/firewall programs and try again.

    • You may need to try another computer (preferably a PC).

    • If the problem persists : Service Request Registration 

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