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  • Incorrect Measurements • Please verify that your unit is set to the correct unit of measurement (Y for yards, M for meters). If it is in Meters, an M will be displayed on the upper right of the screen. To change the unit of measurement, from the main screen, swipe down and touch the Y/M icon. You can change from Yards to Meters and vice versa. Touch the check icon at the bottom left corner to save and to go back to your previous screen.

    • Please make sure you have an unobstructed view of the sky.

    • If yardages are still incorrect, please update the firmware and the courses through the free GolfBuddy Manager program found here:

    • If yardages are still incorrect, please perform an emergency reboot.

    • To perform an emergency reboot:
    Please press and hold the 2 touch points (either the top left and bottom right, or the top right and bottom left) below for 10 seconds.

    • If you are still experiencing issues : Service Request Registration
    URL :